A weekly sex prescription?


Stories about sex and couples in relationship always capture my attention and this is a good one. One caveat is that there is no ‘normal’ in terms of how much sex a couple ‘should’ be having… however, since sex is the one thing that distinguishes a roommate from a relationship it does need to be happening in some fashion at some frequency.

Couples often feel pressure to have sex as a box to check towards a happy relationship – pressure because it is difficult to fit in to two peoples’ busy lives even without the distraction of children in the home. A research study in Canada studying 2400 people in two different cohorts concluded that once a week is a reasonable goal to set to promote closeness. That’s not to say that if sex happens more than that it is weird – it’s just that any more than once a week does not measurable increase relationship satisfaction. Or in other words, it’s enough bang for the relationship satisfaction buck.

The point is made that a relationship between satisfaction and weekly sex does not mean it is causal – happy couples may just want to have sex more often. Sex is difficult to discuss even in our most intimate relationships. Sharing an article like this can start a conversation and better communication on an important topic so read it for a more in depth discussion!

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