Assessment Process


Whether you are coming into counseling because of an infidelity or for help with chronic relationship problems it is important to have a good assessment of the situation. It has taken time for problems to develop in your relationship so time must be taken to assess the situation before making a treatment plan.  Meeting first together and then in separate sessions allows me to more fully understand each partner and the overall relationship.  The individual sessions are not considered ‘individual counseling’ – they are for information gathering and an opportunity to understand your point of view on what is going on.

Session 1: Meet with both partners to observe communication patterns and get each one’s perspective on problem areas and goals for counseling. Further paper assessments of personality type, depression and anxiety scales and areas of relationship strength and weakness may be given.

Session 2 & 3: Individual meetings are scheduled to better understand family backgrounds, cultural context,  individual development and prior relationship history.

Session 4: In a feedback session I share my observations. Together we outline a treatment plan including an estimate of sessions needed to address the issues you decide are most important.

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