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What about sex?

Asking this question gives important assessment information about a relationship. It indicates level of closeness and emotional intimacy and a willingness to be vulnerable and available. It’s also a great indicator of how much underlying anger there is simmering underneath from … Continue reading

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Finite Emotional Energy

We only have so much emotional energy to expend before we are depleted. For example, if we talk about the trials and tribulations of work with friends of the opposite sex, do we really feel like going over it all … Continue reading

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How a texting affair begins….

A texting affair may or may not proceed to sex; nonetheless it qualifies as an ’emotional affair’ and can damage the foundation of trust in a couple relationship. It often begins as a flirtation – a way of staying in … Continue reading

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Absence makes the heart….delusional?

Whether away on a business trip or having a long distance relationship via email, text and phone, when the object of our romantic interest is away we tend to hold an ideal vision of him/her the mind. Upon return there is a … Continue reading

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The Pursuer/Distancer Dance

Ever had the feeling that you wanted more from your partner emotionally and physically but she/he wants more independence and is just too busy? Or do you feel like you’re being smothered by your partner’s demands for connection – more … Continue reading

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Pointing fingers

When working with couples I’m struck by how the therapy process usually starts off with each partner pointing the finger at the other. He does this and she does that. How long this stage lasts can vary between one session … Continue reading

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