Building Trust & Intimacy

Trust and intimacy go together. To be emotionally and physically intimate individuals have to let their guard down, be genuine and let their partner do the same. This requires a sense of emotional safety on both sides and a belief that one’s partner will not judge harshly or hurt you with what you have revealed about yourself. Trust is built on a foundation of emotional safety. How to build trust?

1. Say what you are going to do. Communicate plans openly. Don’t live your life in secret…share information about what you are doing.

2. Do what you say you’ll do. Actions must match words. When you say clearly what you are going to do and then do it, trust grows and strengthens over time.

3. Look at yourself. Is there something you are doing that is giving your partner the impression that you cannot be fully trusted? If so, bring that behavior into the open, and talk about it with your partner.

4. Live in the present. Do not bring up past behavior that is not happening now.

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