Facebook causes relationship problems

I ran across this article from the your tango site today. The ‘Facebook Effect’ is something I’ve noticed in therapy for years so it’s really nothing new.


It’s not too difficult to figure out why Facebook can cause problems. First of all Facebook can cause dis-ease with life in general – after all we are looking at the best that people post and judging our insides by other people’s outsides. Some of my clients have had to limit their Facebook use because it causes low mood. Secondly as far as relationships go – it is easy to look up or stay in touch with former lovers – search for that high school boy/girlfriend that you’ve always wondered what happened to. And then through the power of texting and instant messaging a bond can be formed much more easily and with more intimacy than if you were meeting face to face.

So be aware of how Facebook affects you personally – and if you’re finding yourself searching for past loves…. look at your own relationship first to find out what’s missing and if you want to sustain it – come into therapy!

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