Growth is uncomfortable is long term relationships

How easy it is to fall in love. In the early stages each partner is eager and willing to fuel the fires with small sacrifices. “Oh a steakhouse is fine, I’ll just eat chicken.” “I don’t really love that thing he does in bed but it seems to make him happy.” Over time these small sacrifices seem bigger and heavier and in order to grow the relationship must support and allow for changes in what each partner wants. Doing things that make the other happy is not enough and seems a burden. The “I’ll do this, if you’ll do that” is revealed for what it is – a manipulation. How to become two individuals together, with love as the bond and individual integrity a requisite.  This is so challenging that many will flee to the next ‘in love’ experience – where the same task will eventually need to play out. Why not complete it in a relationship that has beautiful history and many times small lives that will benefit.

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