Healthy self and boundaries

One feature of a healthy sense of self is the way we understand and work with our emotional boundaries. Personal boundaries are the limits we set in relationships that allow us to protect our selves from being manipulated by, or enmeshed with, emotionally needy others and spring from having a good sense of our own self-worth. With a solid sense of self worth it is possible to distinguish our own thoughts and feelings from those of others. and to take responsibility for what we think, feel and do. Boundaries develop as we grow up and become adults. Healthy, intact boundaries are flexible and allow closeness when appropriate and maintain distance when harm may come from closeness. Good boundaries protect us from becoming engulfed in abusive relationships and pave the way to achieve intimacy and interdependence with another. They help us take care of ourselves and if we can receive it, to respect the selves of others.

More to come! 🙂

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