Money money money money!

If you are married and have money fights, you are normal. In marriages money is either the best or the worst area of communication. I have found that coaching couples in session to communicate more clearly about their points of view about money issues can neutralize a very hot topic and also be an opportunity to improve the relationship.

Men and women are different in how they view money, and they process problems and opportunities from different vantage points. It’s impossible to generalize by gender and say that men typically complain that women spend too much because I’ve seen it go both ways. One key is to discover the emotional context of money for each person. For example money for men can be a measure of masculinity and for women a sense of security. Sharing these points of view can take communication from a lecture to discovery. But the next key is to work towards a compromise and promote a partnership regarding finances. The measure of a true compromise means each person will be slightly dissatisfied.

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