The Cliteracy Project

Sex Education: The Missing Chapter from The Huffington Post on Vimeo.Image: Huffington Post, Cliteracy Project

This refreshing video from the Huffington Post, Cliteracy Project is a must view for men and women.

Referenced on noted sex therapist Esther Perel’s blog, it makes an excellent argument for including factual information on female sexual anatomy as part of sex education to dispel the myth that women can achieve orgasm with vaginal penetration only.  The vagina is a reproductive organ while the clitoris is a sexual organ similar to a penis in size with twice as many nerve endings.

Pornography reenforces the myth of female orgasm via penetration. So often women feel there is something wrong with them and can end up faking orgasm to make their partner feel he’s done a good job.

So the world tells women they should enjoy sex and have a lot of it but doesn’t tell women how to enjoy it. Until the conversation about sex shifts from what men like to what women like, many women aren’t going to know how to ask for — and get — what they want in bed. And we’ll continue faking it. Some interesting research:

Interesting new research says that single women have less of a chance at orgasm than married women. Brand new research has discovered that women are half as likely to orgasm during casual sex as they are in relationships (at a rate of about 40 versus 75 percent). Thus single women are more inclined to fake it — maybe because they don’t comfortable enough to ask their partner for what they want — and, outside of a committed relationship, guys are less inclined to call them out on it.

All that being said, there is also a pressure on women to have an orgasm, when for many it is sometimes the sexual act itself that brings closeness – no orgasm necessary. The reality is that for many women engaging in sex is an act of generosity, intimacy and receptiveness to their partner where orgasm is not necessarily a goal, every time. When both sexes have the facts about the clitoris she can also make the choice and share the pleasure.

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